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Distinguished Visitors to our Institution





19th Aug., 1989

AVM H L Kapur

Former Lt-Governor of Delhi

I am extremely happy to visit this institution managed by the AAUI for the benefit of the people of this cosmopolitan city –the federal capital of India. The project, which was launched in March 1987 has frutified in less than 28 months, which by all standards is tremendous achievement. I wish the Institution and all dedicated and devoted members of the AAUI all success in the years to come.

19th Aug., 1989

Mr. M G Gupta

Finance Member, DDA

Delhi Development Authority(DDA)

I am very much impressed by the Institution set-up by AA. Its existence  in  the    city  would bring a resolution in developing driving sense in the city.  I wish the institution grand success in its objectives.

1st Sept., 1989

Mr. Kalyan Bhadra

Hony. Secy. General, A.A.E.I.

President, West Bengal Petrol, RPG and Kerosin dealers Association

As a man of the transport since 4 decades, I feel proud of this building of AAUI, which has also the latest and sophisticated driving training system by computerized simulator, which is the first of its kind in our country. It was only possible  for its   President, Mr. T K Malhotra, who has acted like a magician and devoted all his time, energy, wisdom, skill and above all the foresight which he possesses.  The AAUI which was not up to the expectations, is now much meaningful organization with the name and fame.    I suggest a status of Mr. T K Malhotra be placed here in a suitable place so that his beneficial act for the motorist and the motoring world can never be forgotten. I wish all success to AAUI.

27th Oct., 1989


Mr. Bansi Lal Chauhan

Executive Councillor
(Health & Transport)
Delhi Administration

This is one of its knd of School in India. In this School driving training is given in most efficient and with modern technique to help Delhi Administration & Delhi Traffic Police to issue Learner licence with more convenience.

27th Oct., 1989

Mr. Maxwell Pereira, IPS

Dy. Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Delhi Police

The AAUI deserves congratulations for starting this school. I wish all trainees that pass out of this school, safe conduct on the roads and an accident free happy motoring.

29th Nov., 1990 

Mr. J G Nadkarni,
Admiral, Indian Navy


Chief of the Naval Staff,


I have nothing but praise for the AAUI. During my three-year tenure as CNS, I have on many occasions received extensive assistance from the AAUI. This has been always given cheerfully, promptly and with utmost courtesy. . Mr. Malhotra has been extremely kind and under his leadership the AA has made great strides. I wish the AAUI further progress and all success in the endeavours.

14th Dec., 1991

Mr. Shiv S Sharma


Director General-Doordarshan

It was a delight to visit the AAUI Complex today – as good an office as anywhere in the world. TK’s imagination and drive can be felt all over –

With the AAUI all success in their efforts.

19th Feb., 1992

Dr. G. D. T. Owen

Castrol  Ltd., U.K.

Thank you for a most interesting visit. I hope the 1993 International Conference will go well & benefit from our sponsorship.

21st Feb., 1992

Mr. S L Khurana

Former Lt-Governor, Delhi

It was a pleasure visiting the office. I was deeply impressed by the progress made by the Association during the   last couple  of years. We now look forward  to the holding of the 1993 International Conference  & hope that with the efforts which are being made, it should prove to be a  very successful and grand function.              

15th Sept., 1993

General V N Sharma


Chief of the Army Staff

It has been a pleasure visiting the AAUI. I can see that you are working hard towards excellence in all matters relating to motor-car needs and public safety. I wish you all success in your endeavors – especially success in controlling and raising the efficiency of all road control measures and  catering  to the needs of drivers. Well done.  


26th Feb., 1994

Mr. P S Bawa, IPS

Director General of Police, Sikkam

This is my first visit to the Association. I have been thoroughly impressed by the efforts of Mr. Malhotra and the wonderful  prints of his endeavours to create an institution for the social betterment. I’ve known about

his commitment since my days in Traffic Police.

Rarely does an interest in a theme continue to that extent, but Mr. Malhotra has pursued it with single mindedness. And the building & the Institution are the result. The training techniques are modern; more than that the pursuit of purpose.

My best wishes Mr. Malhotra, the Association and the Institute.        

29th March, 1994

Mr. S L Verma, IAS

Additional Chief Secretary, Govt. of Gujarat, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

I had the opportunity of visiting the AAUI Complex today and was highly impressed with its various activities. The AAUI has taken keen interest and initiative in introducing modern methods for safe driving. I wish them success and growth in their endeavor to attain excellence in the field of driving, road safety and transportation.

29th March, 1994

Mr. A K Tandon, IPS


  Director General of Police,
Gujrat State, Ahmedabad.

I was delighted to go round the campus of AA Headquarters. A lot of good work is being done to spread the message of road safety. This institution has developed a scientific driving school for imparting training in safe driving. Its activities are worth emulating.  Hats off to its pioneer Sh. TK’ as he is lovingly nick named.

I wish this grand institution  a wonderful success.

April, 1994

Mr. Hari Ram,IAS

Mr. A S Sidhu, IAS

Chairman S T Tribunal Punjab.

State Transport Commissioner Punjab.


Excellent Institution doing commendable service to the people. It is pleasure to meet Mr. Malhotra who is doing the job with  dynamism  and dedication.

June, 1995

Air Chief Marshal (Retd.) N C Suri

  1. Board of Directors of various companies.
  2. 2. Former Chief of Air Staff and Patron AAUI.

I am indeed very impressed with the new location -   it is indeed in keeping with the dignity of an Organization which has foreign connections and bias.

I would also like tocongratulate Mr. T. K. Malhotra for the tremendous studies that the AAUI has made under his stewardship. The character and quality of services rendered by this organization is  comparable to  world standards.

May God Bless you all.

Sept., 1995

Mr. K R Bhati

Joint Secretary Surface Transport, Govt. of India.

I would be learning more  & more from such NGO’s, who are doing yeomans’ service towards road safety and related programmes.

Feb., 1996

Admiral R H Tahiliani(Retd.)

Former Chief of The Naval Staff

Most impressed with your new location which is in keeping with AAUI’s increased role & responsibilities. My good wishes are with Mr. T K Malhotra and his dedicated team for successful innings.

May, 1996

Air Chief Marshal S K Kaul (Retd.)

Former Chief of the Air Staff


It has been a revelation and pleasure to come to AAUI and see the facilities that have been set up in this building. AAUI is certainly doing    yeoman’s service in promoting safe driving in the country with total selflessness and dedication to serve the comm- unity. I wish the organization every success in the endeavors and programmes, God bless you and wish you the very best for the future.

20th Sept., 1996

Mr. T G Venkatraman

Minister of Surface Transport


I have visited AAUI today. The President of the Association explained the full particulars of the day to day affairs and training of students. This service is appreciable and I wish all success in the years to come.

June, 1997

Yogendra Narain

Secretary Ministry of  Surface Transport, Govt. of India, New Delhi.

I was deeply impressed by the activities of the Association. It is run efficiently and in a very disciplined manner. Every staff member appears very dedicated and keen to ensure that the trainees are fully satisfied. I was also glad to learn that anyone can have his pollution check done in the Institution premises and together with this facility we do  have the facility of Insurance. I  am told by

Mr Malhotra that an additional facility recently started  is   relating to preparation of passports for its members.

I have full confidence that this Association will continue to grow and prosper.   We, in the Ministry, will be happy to be associated with its rapid development.

6th Sept., 1997

Mr. T R Kakkar, IPS

Commissioner of Police, Delhi

I wish the institution all success in making road in Delhi safer.

28th March, 1997

Mr. Tejender Khanna

Lt. Governor,Delhi

I have been greatly benefited by the visit today of the excellent facilities established by AAUI to impart training in safe-driving to citizens of Delhi. Mr. T K Malhotra, President of AAUI is a highly dedicated individual who is committed to the nation-wide road safety movement. My warmest good wishes to him and his colleagues at  AAUI for confirmed success in this very valuable sphere of activity.

29th Aug., 1998

Mr. Nikhil Kumar, I.P.S

Spl. Secy., Int Sec & Police, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India, New Delhi.

My sincere compliments to the AAUI, and to its President, Sh. T K Malhotra in particular for the excellent work that they are doing. They are dedicated, imaginative and preserving with their efforts, I am sure, Delhi should become, in due course, a city safe for driving. I offer my very best wishes to Sh. Malhotra & his team for all success.

And thanks for inviting me to be the Chief guest at one of their functions this afternoon.

22nd Sept. 1998

Mr. Vinod Duggal

Commissioner, Municipal Corporation of Delhi

An enlightening experience, no doubt the Association is doing a great social good.

22nd Sept.,1998

Mr. S Regunathan

Principal Secy. & Commissioner Transport,
Govt. of Delhi

Dynamism results in change after growth. I am happy to see that AAUI has given a lot because of the dynamism of AAUI and its management.  I wish all the very best.

5th Feb.,1999

Mr. Parvez Hashmi

Minister for Transport, Govt. of Delhi

Found very encouraging and excellent.

27th March, 1999

Mr. R P Rai, IAS

Principal Secretary-cum-Commissioner of Transport Govt. of Delhi

A very impressive & professionally excellent Institution for automobile users. Its scientific and technological environment is truly laudable.

27th March, 1999

Mr. A  S Khullar


Additional Director(Transport), Govt. of Delhi

A revealing experience and exposure to a reputed and well established Institute, imparting a very useful training to automobile users in road safety, driving, maintenance of vehicle etc. The institute will continue to grow and touch new milestones and explore new avenues, areas and sphere in the ever expanding world of automobiles.

17th July, 1999

Mr. Omesh Saigal

Chief Secretary, Govt. of Delhi

Excellent Institution! Please keep it up.

21st Aug., 1999

Mr. P Kamaraj

Deputy Commissioner of Traffic Police, Delhi

It was an excellent occasion to visit AAUI and to get to know of the exemplary work that the Association is doing, under the  able  leadership of Mr. T. K. Malhotra-its President, in promoting and propagating road safety activities in Delhi and other parts of India. I wish Mr. T. K. Malhotra and his dedicated team the very best in all their endeavor to accomplish their cherished mission of safety on roads congratulation to Sh. T K Malhotra on his being elected President of the FIAA.

20th Nov., 1999

Mrs. Kanwaljit Deol

Addl. Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Delhi

It was an eye opener to see the efforts being made by the AAUI to train drivers. What was most pleasant was the spirit with which the activities are conducted. I would like to assure the cooperation of the Delhi Traffic Police in the joint efforts to provide safety on our roads.

8th March,2000

Mr. Vijay Mallya

Chairman U.B. Group & Chairman Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India.

Excellent facilities for driver training
and safety orientation. Clear and
focused vision towards Road Safety
and better driving. Very pleasant facilities for members and officials.
India needs many more of such fine
examples of first class Institutions.
Thank you very much.

11th March, 2000

Mr. Ashok Joshi

Secretary, Ministry of   Road Transport and Highways, Govt. of India.

This visit has been an eye opener for me. Congratulations for all the wonderful work that you are doing.  Road Safety is an important issue with all of us and AAUI’s efforts will go a long way in spreading the message of safety in the country. Best of luck.

22nd July, 2000

Mr. Madhavrao Scindia       

Member of Parliament,
New Delhi

I was happy to visit the AAUI office and witness for  work being done by the Organization.       

9th Dec., 2000

Mr. Sanjay Baniwal

Deputy Commissioner of Traffic Police, Delhi

It was a wonderful experience. I was for some time looking for an organization who do competent and does its job so well. I was very impressed with their training methods, aids and simulators and their commitment. I was an honour to be here and I am looking forward to fruit-ful associations for safer roads. Mr. T K Malhotra has been very kind in showing me the place. I wish this Organization good luck.

6th Sept., 2001

Mr. Alok Rawat

Joint Secretary, Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Govt. of India

Introduction of Simulators has opened a new era. New   horizon        have been opened.

22nd Dec., 2001

Mr. R B Meena,IRS

Joint Assessor and Collector, Municipal Corporation of Delhi

I am very happy to visit the AAUI & never been such a great thing.

4th Jan., 2002

Mr. Ramakant Goswami

Secretary to Chief Minister
Govt. of Delhi

I was delighted to see the activities of the Association. I appreciate the dedication & efforts put in by Chairman Mr. T. K. Malhotra. New equipment & technology has been used to solve the transport related problems in a scientific manner. I THINK THIS INSTITUTION WILL BE A SOURCE OF INSPIRATION FOR OTHER INSTITUTIONS.

I congratulate the Institution & Mr. T. K. Malhotra and wish them a very happy New Year.

5th Feb., 2002

Mr. Ajay Maken

Minister for Transport, Govt. of NCT of Delhi

It was a fascinating experience. I wish AAUI a bright future so that they can further carry out the good work.

23rd March, 2002

Mr. Narendra Kumar

Chairman, Delhi Public School Society

A unique Institution. I am deeply impressed by the amazing work being done . I hope every school in north India will be associated with this organization..

8th Feb., 2003

Mr. Vijai Kapoor

Lt. Governor, Delhi

It is always a pleasure to visit AAUI; so it has been today to see the advances in the        of training. My best compliments to Sh. T K Malhotra under whose leadership all this is happening. My best wishes and assurances of cooperation and support.

2nd May 2003 Mr. Subramanian Swamy A-77, Nizamuddin East, New Delhi-110 013 Pleased to be here. I have watched the growth of this office over the years from a dingy office in CP to a big building here with multifarious activities. Congratulation to President Malhotra and his leadership.
29th November 2003

G S Patnaik

Commissioner & Secretary Transport,
5/9 Underhill Road, Delhi

I visited the Drivers Training School of  AAUI.  It was an enlivening and hands-on experience.  I talked to the drivers who were training and appearing in the driving test.  They like the exposure to institutional training and the experience on simulators. 

I wish the AAUI and the driving institute all the best and hope, they will continue to impart quality training to the drivers.  My appreciation for Shri T. K. Malhotra and his team of trainers.

9th January 2004

P R Meena

Joint Commissioner (Ops.), Transport Department
5/9 Underhill Road, Delhi

I attended the session on Road Safety Face to Face Programme on Women drivers, the session was excellent & needs to attended by all concerned agencies to make awareness about the Motor Vehicles Rules & Act.  I wish the AAUI & Driving Institute make the public more aware.  Such type of programme should be arranged on regular basis.

7th January, 2004

Qamar Ahmed

Joint Commissioner of Police, Traffic Delhi

Today, I visited to participate in “Face to Face interaction  with Women drivers", a unique programme organized by Shri Malhotra. I visited this institution many time for activities/programmes relating to training of drivers & other issues relating to traffic management.  AAUI under leadership of Sh. Malhotra has been doing excellent pioneer work in the fold of training of drivers & improving driving culture in Delhi.  Today’s interaction was more than satisfactory with very deep participates by all women participants.  It is quite understanding to note the least of awareness of women drivers about traffic related issues. 
Wishing all the best.

14th May, 2004

Subhash Goyal

Stic Group of Companies, New Delhi (Chairman) President,
Indian Association of Tour Operators

I have known & admired Shri T K Malhotra for the last so many years.  The way he has built up the Automobile Association Of Upper India is really commendable.  He has devoted a very important part of his life in building up this institution.  His historical contribution has gone a long way in making the streets of Delhi and Northern India much safer and ushered the age of professionalism for drivers in this country.

11th September 2004

Haroon Yusuf

Minister for Transport & Power, Govt. of  N.C.T. of Delhi

I am really impressed by the performance of the Automobile Association  and the credit goes to Shri T K Malhotra for making it a great success.

22nd September 2004

Shalija Chandra

Public Grievance Commission,  Govt. of Delhi

The efforts being made here are laudable.  It is certainly satisfying to know that there is  a professional body which is working towards building competence and a code of  conduct for drivers  of different kinds.  Congratulations.

5th March 2005

Soli Sorabjee

A-128, Niti Bagh, New Delhi-110 049

The initiatives taken by AA under the dynamic leadership of T K Malhotra are in pressure.  It has provided commendable service to the Motoring public for which it deserves to be complimented.

29th July 2005

Vijay S Madan

Secretary Commissioner Transport, Govt. of N.C.T. of Delhi
5/9 Underhill Road, Delhi

My first visit to the Institute was rather informative and interesting.  AAUI has done a lot of pioneering work, in particular in driving training and road safety areas.  The usage of Simulators is not only rather unique in the city/country it is also in the best  interests of learners and road safety.  My best wishes for a continued good work – hopefully with coordination and assistance of the Govt. of Delhi, Transport Department.

29 July 2007 Antinio Armellini The Italian Ambassader to India


I was honored to visit the head quarter of AA Upper India,of which i have proudly become a member and wish to thank its Chairman for all his kind assistance and warm welcome .

25 Oct 2007

General J.J Singh (Retd)

Formar Chief of Army Staff A marvelous Association with AAUI and particular with Mr.Malhotra
15 Nov 2007


U.K.Katna (IPS)


DGHG/DCD GNCT An impressive social engineering effort aimed at saving human lives and promoting road safety coupled with help to vehicle owners in various vehicle related activities on 15/01/2007. Hope the organization grows with leaps and bounds.
Feb 2010 Arvinder Singh

Hon'ble Minister Road Transport ,govt. of N.C.T. of Delhi


It was learning experience to visit this institution and offcourse the biggest need of the day to make transportation system safe in Delhi and that can only be done by giving proper driving skills .

All the best AAUI

3 May 2010 Ajay Chadha Spl.commisioner of Police (traffic).Delhi Police The visit to AAUI Headquarter was long overdue.The setup is really very impressive with state of the art simulators and class rooms. The association is doing wonderful work under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Malhotra . I am sure that the co-operation with Delhi Traffic police will increase Manifold
22 June 2010 A.K.Singh Special Commissnor (Transport) GNCTD. Mr. Malhotra has create a very excellent facility for driving school. It is a model for others schools. .This contribution in improving driving condition and making people aware about the safe driving is enormous


22 June 2010


Harish Rawat Miniser of Labour and Emploment,Govt.of India

Good experience to be with drivers who are being trained at AAUI .Mr. T.K. Malhotra is a wonderful person with very purposeful ideas . The idea of training the drivers with latest equipment and then starting drivers employment exchange in one such idea

I compliment his efforts