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Title of the Programme



Programme caters to anybody who has a driving license, owns a car intends to be driver someday and somebody who really loves his wheels or automobiles. This series would provide inputs on in the category of 'infotainment', inform the viewer as well as give entertaining inputs regarding the knowledge a driver needs to have to be safe on the road. Any aspects of driving like safe driving, rules and regulations, traffic and road safety norms, do's and don'ts, insurance rights and liabilities, duties towards other drivers and pedestrians, helpful tips on better driving, car financing and evaluations, car maintenance tips, legal rights and obligation would be covered in the series/ programme in an interesting and informative manner. It would fill the gap for the need to educate and make better, alert and responsible drivers without boring lectures. The series also provides inputs to felicitate inbound and out bound Tourism.

SLOT: 8:30a.m. (SATURDAY)
Telecast of the serial concluded in April 2003.


FORMAT: This series/ programme is anchored by professionals who are conversant with the road safety and regulations and automobile terminology. After the opening montage and title/signature tune, the anchor persons would give a prelude/ brief description of what lies in store for the day.

This series / programme consists of the following segments:

AUTO ZOOM: This would have slots or a set of snippets of different car models, merges or collaboration of International car manufacturing companies. It will include things like legal amendments, latest products, versions, inventions etc. In short it will be a round up on the scenarios in the world of automobiles and traffic hazards.

TIP OF THE WEEK:  In this we would not only give but actually show by actions useful tips to the viewers for their and their vehicle's safety on the road.

First Gear

This segment has a PCRA Quiz Programme on fuel saving and energy conservation

Some subject titles that would be covered in various episodes /programmes  of the series in the segment "AUTO ZOOM".

1.      When a car hits a pedestrian.
2.      Steering to safety.
3.      Hazardous Goods Carrier.
4.      Choosing the right driving training.

5.      Stopping begging at crossings.
6.      Are we in no- exit situation.
7.      Compensation for hit and run victims
8.      Overloaded Vehicles – a serious threat.
9.      Safe transportation for school going children
10.  Speed breakers/ Rubber Bollards- a boon or a curse.
11.  Stress is the worst enemy
12.  Avoiding the road to death and worse
13.  Licence to drive and not to kill
14.  It takes a thief to catch a thief
15.  Hazardous rain driving
16.  One for the road ? Never
17.  Make safety a way of life
18.  Registration of Number Plates
19.  Pollution – a Hydra – Headed Demon
20.  Hill Driving is Skill Driving
21.  Need to target speed and Booze
22.  If you hit a pedestrian, speed is critical factor
23.  If you happen to witness an accident
24.  Infants need safety belts
25.  All about tyres
26.  Tinted glasses may be hazardous
27.  Optimising Road Safety
28.  The best time to change a car
29.  Going in for a second hand car
30.  Higher Compensation for road victims
31.  Who says accidents are made in heaven?
32.  The financier’s trap
33.  Insure to Ensure
34.  Compensation for hit and run victims
35.  Denim, Leather for sartorial safety
36.  Keep your original seats spotless
37.  International Driving Licence – Your Passport to Overseas driving
38.  Overloading – a Serious Threat to National Transportation Infrastructure 
 39.  Freezing Vehicle Population
 40.  Do we drive with an Attitude?
 41.  Assess yourself as a driver
 42.  This CAT doesn’t have nine lives.
 43.  Learn not to drive under stress
 44.  Rest, Revive Survive
 45.  You can’t  challan pollution away
 46.  Adjusting to traffic situations
 47.  The six most risky movements
 48.  Rust is another menace
 49.  Metros in need of Parking Wardens
 50.  The right loan for the right car
 51.  Heading Towards Technology Women – A driving force behind technical progress
 52.  When car catches fire on the road
 53.  10  Mts.  exclusive Quiz programme in each episode on vehicular pollution and fuel economy.

The concepts, technical expertise and script of the programme is by Mr. T.K.Malhotra President-AAUI. Mr. Malhotra is also a columnist with more than 150 weekly columns published in The Hindustan Times on the subject relating to road safety and awareness.

He is also the author of the book title " ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CARS & SAFE DRIVING " published by UBS Publishers which has been acknowledged as an exclusive piece of study done by him in this field.

Rail Road watch is on air for the last 132 weeks.


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1.     Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.
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