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Dear Members,
Season's Greetings
As we continue to add global strengths, we also remain focused to ensure that our membership benefits should keep growing simultaneously. We have the pleasure to share with you the following
steps that we took to improve some of our services:  
The black and white magazine  'The Upper India Motorist' starting with 8-10 pages now runs into 36 pages including color cover pages.  The content covers variety of news, articles, scientific studies which are of readers' interest.  The Management is appreciative of your feed back and we anxiously await the day when the magazine will be published in 4 color matching with the standards of any world class magazine.  We have come a long way since the publication was launched in 1950 to commemorate the foundation of the institution under inspiration of the First President of the Republic of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad.  Yes, the magazine has completed 63 years and when we step in the 64th year, we envisage a lot more to achieve.  it is our earnest desire to come up with 4 color magazine comprising of 68 pages.  We definitely need advertisement support from our corporate members to achieve this objective.
Our recent initiative for introducing 7 X 24 X 356 days road assistance in co-operation with Cross Roads has been acknowledged by many members whose distress calls were promptly attended. 
In the up coming Road Safety Week to be observed in the country on January 11-17, 2014 we propose to launch a 'Safe Driving' Program to help our senior citizen members to refresh and improve their driving skills on simulators we have imported from Czech Republic.
Our 'On Site' vehicle pollution testing service is proposed to be fully revamped to serve many more colonies and business centers.  As of now, a large number of schools and DTC depots are the beneficiaries of this service. 

The AAUI has completed 63 years since it was founded in the year 1950 under the blessings by the first President of  Republic of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad.  On this occasion we would like to seek your feed back through a sample survey about your overall AAUI experience.  It will take you perhaps less than 5 minutes to complete the survey.  Your feed back is potentially valuable to us for further improving the service and the global benefits the AAUI offers to its members.

Survey:        Based on your over all experience how likely would you desire to 
                     recommend the AAUI to your friends, colleagues and relatives



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Visit AAUI site www.aaui.org to submit the survey on line.