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Road Safety

NEW DELHI - 110 016


Educating the common man
Community interface

The AAUI proposes to evolve consensus in the open general house in its Annual General Meeting on September 26, 2008 calling upon its members, their family and friends to effectively associate with the above tasks. The AAUI has more than 100,000 family members residing through the length and breadth of Delhi and NCR. They can play a pivotal role in identifying:

Fractured and badly damaged roads
=> Non functional and redundant traffic signals
=> Encroached walk - ways
=> Black spots
=> Hanging electricity cables and wires
=> Electricity poles restricting traffic view and signals
=> Road markings and signage
=> Any other obstacles to traffic movement

We propose to organize initial meetings with the members and their families with a view to impart necessary guidelines to help in collecting the information relating to the above said areas. The information will be supported either with a photograph or a sketch to enable easy identification of the spot.

Participation by the AAUI members in the above tasks will also be encouraged through our website, handouts and Upper India Motorist magazine.

The information so collected will be disseminated to the UTTIPEC for directions to the appropriate authorities to take immediate remedial steps and suitably address the issues involved.

In order to encourage the members to continue contributing to the Committee, it will be desirable for the AAUI to communicate with them as to the action taken by the authorities on their feed back. A strategic approach to harmonize this channel will have to be devised by the UTTIPEC.