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One accident every minute, one serious injury every minute and a death every 6 minutes, country loses 90,000 precious lives every year. Many die pre-mature deaths, particularly teens who have yet to realize the value of their lives. Parents have an important role to play to make sure that their teens do not indulge in driving, unless they are of eligible age, and have undergone a proper training from a recognized driving school. Parents have to set an example themselves, as behaviour is learned, not innate. It is unreasonable to expect our child to behave differently than we do, when driving or caring for our vehicle. Do not allow or part with your vehicle unless you are absolutely clear about the legal consequences and possible mishap that may happen, out of such favours.

Be positive and emphasize:

The family's concern for your child's safety and welfare. Explain your hopes for your child's future and expectations concerning responsible behaviour. Your teen must be made to understand that driving is a privilege and a reward for responsible behaviour, love and affection apart. Conservation of family resources is an important need, which a teen has to understand. Let your teen know that together you and he/she will jointly adhere to the following.

· Compliance with maintenance requirements.

· Check fuel level and mileage before and after using the car.

· Ensure that alcohol will not be consumed before or while driving the car.

Be consistent:

· Punish each infraction the same way, each time it occurs.

· Both parents must provide a united front on issues. Do not allow yourself to be divided and conquered.

· Your credibility and the power of the agreement will be weakened, if you are not consistent in your enforcement and application of consequences.

· Be fair to get all the facts before you take action. Strengthen the concept of Parent Teen Car Use Agreement by motivating your family friends, so that your teens does not feel that he/she is singled out as an exception.

Be careful not to allow exceptions too frequently,
Otherwise your exceptions become rules and your agreement loses its power.

Lastly, be forgiving. Your love must be unconditional. The agreement provides withholding the privileges, not withholding love.

With the crazy Teen drivers, it is time to think about our own safety and that of our teens and families. Devise a suitable Parent/Teen Car-Use Agreement