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Date  : November 15, 2006
Venue : Delhi Traffic Police
 Exhibitions Grounds, New Delhi

At this juncture, when the very machine that one embodied so much of what was good and noble in our dream has become the instrument of our destruction - a thought behind the launch of ‘Think Before You Drive’ Campaign by International Foundation of Automobile and Safety, is of utmost importance. Certainly automobile plays a pivotal role in the growth of economy of any nation, our increasing awareness of its wicked ways, on the other hand, is forcing us to question our dependence on it. Banishing the automobile from the landscape is not a solution to the problem but an attempt needs to be made to discover a balance by which to bring people and the automobile back into some semblance of harmony. The global road death toll has already reached a mark of 1.2 million per year. 
Safety in one-way or the other has been our prime concern. Any life is precious and the trauma of being maimed for life of losing a loved one in a sudden accident is appallingly painful and tragic, says Road Safety expert Marc Richter of AIT. 
It is in this context that the FiA Foundation for the Automobile and Society in United Kingdom constituted under the auspices of Federation Internationale De L’ Automobile conceived a unique awareness programme to educate drivers about the deadly effects of drunken driving, neglecting seat belts, indulging in cell-phone driving, poor maintenance of tyres and ignoring adjustment of head restraints provided to prevent whiplash injuries in the unfortunate event of an accident. 

Think Before You Drive’ aims to raise awareness of simple road safety measures, which will help, prevent or potentially reduce the injury severity of an accident. The programme was formally launched at the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona by Ferrari Formula One Drivers Micheal Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello. The Campaign achieved unprecedented media coverage. The Campaign is now being launched throughout the world with the support of Member Automobile Associations networking in more than 130 countries and in collaboration with Bridgestone Corporation.  <

Automobile Association of Upper India (AAUI) is a strategic partner in the Campaign. The first launch of the Campaign in India holds a great significance as it is being organized in the capital of the country with the active support of Delhi Traffic Police and to coincide with the inauguration of the Traffic Pavilion and Road Safety Exhibition. 
Future campaigns will be organized with the support of the State Governments in Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, Jammu & Kashmir. Thousands of specially imported booklets both in Hindi & English will be distributed free to drivers to promote awareness to inculcate better road safety culture. 
The attractive pictorial booklet brings out the effective use of seat belts, head restraints and maintenance of recommended tyre-pressure. An under/ever –inflated tyre affects the application of brakes adversely. The AAUI will also distribute imported tyre pressure gauges to Delhi Traffic Police on this occasion to check health of the suspected tyres of vehicles to ensure road safety.