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UN Decade of Action for Road safety

Golbal Launch of UN Decade of action for Road safety at

Automobile Association of Upper India









MAY 11, 2011

1.3 million people killed and 50 million injured every year on the world roads, the FIA Foundation - an independent charity institution set-up by the Federation of Internationale De l' Automobile, France (FIA) has given a global call to all the FIA Internationale Clubs to formally Launch the Decade in their countries on May 11, 2011.

The Automobile Association of Upper India (AAUI) in a mega function launched the program this morning with participation of hundreds of drivers, eminent speakers and social groups. The Interactive Session was chaired by Dr. Bhishma Narain Singh, a true Gandhian and former Governor of Seven States.

The AAUI has been a crusader in promoting road safety for over six decades in Delhi and Northern India. It also pioneered an idea of installing driving simulators in the year 1988 in its Driving School which was established under the guidance of Late Shri Rajesh Pilot, the then Minister for Surface Transport.

Un Decade of Action for Road Safety which has the support of many nations, G 20 developing countries and public institutions like WHO and World Bank is a most significant project that sent alerts to the World to place Road Safety on high priority agenda.

In a presentation made by Dr. Rishi Mohan, an eminent eye specialist, drivers were cautioned to ensure that their vision and reflexes are sharp. "Only sharp reflexes can help drivers to assess that their decision making capability on road is within acceptable norms" Dr. Rishi Mohan said. Attention of drivers was drawn to the following table according to which reflexes of a driver can be assessed and graded.


Test Above Average Average Below Average
a) Side Vision 170 degree Plus 161 to 169 degree 150 to 160 degree
b) Depth Perception 3.00cm or less 5.00cm to 3.1cm 7.5cm to 5.10cm
c) Simple Reaction 0.20 Sec. or less 0.21 Sec. to .30 Sec 0.31 Sec. to0.38 Sec.
d) Complex Reaction 0.30 Sec. or less 0.31 Sec. to 0.59 Sec. 0.60 Sec. to 0.67 Sec.
e) Night Vision 3.0 Sec. Or Less 3.1 Sec. to 5.0Sec 5.1 Sec. to 7.0 Sec.
f) Glare Recovery 3.5 Sec. or less 3.6 Sec. to 5.50 Sec. 5.6 Sec. to 8.0 Sec.

It was emphasized that reflexes test for drivers should be mandatory as it reduces with the passage of time. Such steps will ensure safe roads, prevent crashes and reduce road injuries.

The AAUI's agenda to support the Decade of Action for Road Safety includes following activities :

" Mass participation by road users in road accidents and prevention programs
" Discussions with Stake holders on television
" free skill test of elderly drivers on specially programmed imported simulators
" Interactive Sessions
" Face to Face with lady drivers
" Face to Face with elderly drivers
" Road Safety March with hundreds of truck drivers, school children and motorists

Hundreds of buses, truck and public transport drivers who joined the Safety March also signed the pledge at the AAUI headquarters to re-affirm their support the decade.

As one of its ongoing initiatives, the AAUI today nominated more dedicated members as Roaming Ambassadors to collect and disseminate road safety related feed back from the following areas :
" Fractured and badly damaged roads
" Non functional and redundant traffic signals
" Encroached walk - ways
" Black spots
" Hanging electricity cables and wires
" Electricity poles restricting traffic view and signals
" Road markings and signage
" Any other obstacles to traffic movement

The feed back collected will be filtered by a Sub-Group set-up in the AAUI and actionable suggestions will be forwarded to the Working Group IV of the Unified Traffic, Transportation Infrastructure Planning and Engineering Center (UTTIPEC) for necessary directions to the concerned department.

Backgrounder on UN Decade of Action for Road Safety is also attached. A couple of snap shots are also attached.


Campaign for Road Safety-Nae Duniya

Globally approx 12 lakh people are killed and 5 crore are injured in road accident every year. During the conference at Russia United Nation made Road safety as their first agenda and requested all the nations to support the cause for next ten year as " UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 ". This program was launched globally on May 11, 2011. AAUI also participated in universal launch of road safety and conducted a programe at their office located in Qutab Institutional Area at New Delhi. Many of drivers, doctors and eminent people associated with Road Safety participated in the function.
An interactive session on Road Safety was organized which was chaired by former governor o f seven states Dr. Bhisma Narayan Singh. The President of AAUI, Mr. T. K. Malhotra stated that drivers normally don't care about their eye which is one of the causes of road accident, special workshop was organized for the drivers by eye specialist and road safety training is provided to all the drivers.

Campaign for Road Safety-Punjab Kasri

Every Year lakhs of people die globally on road accident. Automobile Association of France launched Road Safety Campaign. Road Safety Action plan is supported by many nation and social institution like World Bank. Global launch took place in different countries of the world.
Automobile Association of Upper India in New Delhi organized a function in presence of eminent people of the society, social workers and drivers. The function was chaired by great Gandhian former Governor of seven states Dr. Bhishm Narayan Singh.
During the workshop famous eye surgeon Dr. Rishi Mohan cautioned the driver must to ensure their vision and reflexes to be sharp. The main agenda of AAUI on Road Safety mass participation and was develop awareness among road users and free eye check up for aged/old drivers. Road March was conducted by truck and bus drivers and associated school student where they signed the pledged for Road Safety.


WRC Pledges its Support for Road Safety


Action for Road Safety received a major boost yesterday as the stars of the FIA World Rally Championship reaffirmed their support for the campaign by posing for photographs with the FIA's Golden Rules for safer motoring.

 Assembled in Lisbon ahead of this weekend's Rally de Portugal, drivers from the sport's leading teams took time out of their preparation to support the FIA campaign. "It's fantastic to be here in Portugal in front of my home crowd and I want to remind them of the importance of road safety," said local hero and WRC Team MINI Portugal driver Armindo Araújo. "I will push to get a great result this week, but when I'm out of my rally car I always follow the FIA's Golden Rules. I'm very pleased to be an ambassador for the FIA's campaign and will do everything I can to support such a worthy cause." 

 After the group shot Citroën's eight-times World Champion Sébastien Loeb and Ford's Jari-Matti Latvala, winners of the 2012 rounds in Monte Carlo and Sweden respectively, were photographed individually holding a copy of the Golden Rules.

"The FIA Golden Rules are a valuable means to emphasise the importance of safety to road users," said Rally Sweden winner Latvala. "As WRC drivers we are fully focused on competition but must still respect the most basic safety rules such as obeying the speed limit, ensuring everyone wears seat belts and being courteous and considerate to other motorists. The Highway Code rules are there to protect us all and in addition we must all understand that drink driving and texting behind the wheel are totally unacceptable, endangering not only your own life but those on the roads around you."

 Action for Road Safety is the FIA's response to the challenge raised by the United Nations' Decade of Action for Road Safety – an overarching campaign intended to prevent five million road deaths and countless injuries in the next ten years. The FIA will task its member clubs from both the sporting and mobility wings of the Federation to carry out ambitious projects to educate, train and raise awareness of road safety issues as part of its commitment to fully support the UN Decade of Action with all the resources at its disposal.

 The drivers, co-drivers and teams of the WRC have been enthusiastic backers of the AfRs project. From Mikko Hirvonen speaking to school children during Rally Australia last year, to Dani Sordo and Kris Meeke offering tyre pressure checks to spectators during the 2011 Rallye de France, the Championship has worked tirelessly to promote safe driving wherever it has visited.

 The Golden Rules are a list of ten road safety precautions. While basic, the majority of road accidents are caused by a failure to heed one or more of them.



The FIA’s Action for Road Safety campaign travelled to the 80th round of the 24 Heures du Mans this weekend to raise awareness of the safer driving message.
Building on the tremendous support received from drivers in the FIA’s F1, WRC, WTCC, GT1 and WEC championships, the federation’s Action for Road Safety campaign received the endorsements of the 168 drivers taking part in the 24 Heures du Mans as they stood shoulder to shoulder for a special group photograph with FIA President Jean Todt . The photo, which also featured the newly elected Automobile Club de l’Ouest’s President Pierre Fillon and FIA Endurance Commission’s President Sir Lindsay Owen Jones and the FIA’s Golden Rules for Safer Motoring was later distributed to race goers.
Reinforcing their commitment to improving road safety within the framework of the FIA’s Action for Road Safety campaign Michelin and the ACO worked with the Action for Road Safety team to distribute 50,000 tyre tread depth gauges to the public.  Building on twelve months of activities to raise awareness of safer motoring, the FIA Action for Road Safety’s presence at the 24 Heures du Mans highlighted the importance of drivers ensuring that their tyres are in good condition, and called on race goers to support the campaign which aims to save 5 million lives on roads around the world.
The 24 Heures du Mans’ Circuit de la Sarthe proudly displayed the campaign’s logo over the race weekend which was seen by some 240,000 spectators.


Action for Road Safety is the FIA's response to the challenge raised by the United Nations' Decade of Action for Road Safety – a campaign intended to prevent five million road deaths and countless injuries by the year 2020. The FIA will task its sporting and mobility members with carrying out ambitious projects to educate, train and raise awareness of road safety issues as part of its commitment to fully support the UN Decade of Action. 
The FIA's Golden Rules for safer motoring are a list of ten road safety precautions. While basic, the majority of road accidents are caused by a failure to heed one or more of them.