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Carnet de Passages enDouane (Temporairement Suspendu)


Carnet de Passages (CPD) - Temporary Importation and Exportation of vehicle free of Customs Duty. It is an international customs document, covers the temporary admission of LMV Vehicles which can be temporarily imported by tourist, visitors into many countries as specified in the document. It facilitates the temporary importation of motor vehicles without payment of any customs duties and import taxes chargeable. For details, contact us.

  • It entitles a person to take several trips with the same vehicle and is usually issued with one-year validity.

  • The Carnet de Passages is a guarantee for a foreign country that the vehicle will be re-exported within the time limit due to reasons other than total loss, theft or being ________ and irreparable. If the vehicle cannot be re-exported all the duties and taxes will be paid by the document issuing club. The document is issued against financial guarantee by the applications

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