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Automobile Association of Upper India
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Objects of the Association


(a) To promote, encourage and develop the Automobile movement in the area of its operations;

(b) To watch, support, protect, extend and defend the rights of its Members and to procure for their benefit special advantage and concessions;

(c) While creating and maintaining harmonious relations with the Local Government, the Police, Municipal and other authorities and bodies to watch carefully the local administration, all laws and regulations affecting the use of motor vehicles, to take any necessary action in these matters, and to promote and inculcate generally the principles of sanctity and safety of life and property by persons entrusted with the use of control of motor vehicles;

(d) To execute or assist in the execution of the following:-

1)The erection of direction signs and danger signals;
2)The upkeep and widening and improvement of roads, bridges and ferries;
3)The inspection and recommendation for appointment of hotels and repairers;
4)The improvement of the approaches to, roads, over bridges, the working of level-crossings and ferries and the freedom from tolls and obstructions and the dissemination of information concerning the same.
5)The maintenance and running of Road services, Ambulance services, First-Aid services and Battery services.

(e) To negotiate with local authorities on all road matters.

(f) If and when considered practicable or desirable, to issue driving certificates and to maintain a Register of Motor Servants.

(g) To provide a distinguishing Badge for Members in order to facilitate recognition and to make such conditions as to the use of such Badges as may be thought expedient.

(h) To arrange tours and excursions for Members and their friends.

(i) To cultivate reciprocal relations with kindred institutions in India and elsewhere.

(j) To encourage, assist and extend knowledge and information connected with automobiles by the organization and promotion of exhibitions and competitions and the presentation of prizes therein, the establishment and promotion of lectures, discussions, correspondence, the holding of conferences, formation of lending libraries and libraries of reference, the publication of periodicals, maps, books, road charts, route plans, magazines, guide books, service guides and other pamphlets for the use of its members or concerning the Automobile movement in India or elsewhere, and generally to encourage the use of automobiles and promote the interests of those using the same.

(k) To take into consideration all questions affecting the users of automobiles and to take steps that may be necessary for furthering or protecting their interests including the presentation of petitions to Government or local bodies and to seek to obtain changes and improvements in the law relating to automobiles.

(l) To accept gifts or donations and to accumulate and provide an endowment fund and to invest the same or any other moneys of the Association not immediately required for its purposes upon such securities as may from time to time be determined upon by the governing body and to apply the income arising there from, or to resort to the capital thereof, for any of the objects of the Association.

(m) To work as agents to its members for the settlement of their claims with the insurance companies or for procurement of any material, stores or other requirements of its members.

(n) To purchase, hire, exchange or otherwise acquire and hold for the purposes or advantage of the Association moveable or immovable property and in particular lands, buildings, rooms, furniture, fittings, apparatus, automobile accessories and appliances, to maintain automobile workshops, repair centers, service stations, etc., and to build garages, residences for automobile drivers and automobile engineers and to sell, lease, mortgage, improve, extend, develop or otherwise dispose of or deal with the same.

(o) To construct, maintain and alter any building necessary or convenient for the purpose of the Association.

(p) To permit any of the buildings of the Association to be used upon such terms as the governing body of the Association may think fit for meetings, lectures, discussion or to establish a club for social and recreational activities for the members of the AAUI and their families or for any other purpose which the Association may think as expedient.

(q) To borrow or raise money and to secure the repayment of any moneys borrowed or owing by mortgage, charge or lien or by the issue of debentures or debenture-stock or other securities of the Association.

(r) To make, accept, endorse and execute promissory notes, bills of exchange and other negotiable instruments.

(s) To amalgamate or combine with any other Association having similar objects or being conducted so as directly or indirectly to benefit this Association or promote the objects which this Association is formed to promote and which may prohibit the payment of any dividend or profits to its Members as may be contrary to the intention of Section 26 of the Indian Companies Act, 1913.

(t) To aid or receive aid from any other Association promoting or formed to promote any of the above objects and to subscribe to any Association with the view of obtaining any other advantages or benefits for the purpose of the Association and to subscribe to any fund, movement or society that the governing body may from time to time consider deserving.

(u) To promote among members a spirit of comradeship and fellow-feeling, generally to encourage and develop road manners and to provide opportunities for mutual contacts and associations among members, and

(v) To do all other lawful things incidental or conducive to the attainment or in pursuance of the above objects or any of them.

(w) The Association may carry out any scientific and research activities within the scope of its over all objects with its own funds or grants-in-aid provided by the Govt. The investment of any funds utilized for the purpose of research and development will be strictly in accordance with the provisions contained in the Income Tax Act, 1961. Separate accounts will be maintained for this purpose.